Good news for Utrecht University teachers

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Teachers in Utrecht are to  get a four-year contract.

At last some good news in education as Utrecht University will now give all new temporary teachers a contract for a minimum of four years starting next year. This ensures more job security and less work pressure and can only help in hiring and retaining new talent and also shows how much we should value teachers in this sector..

The new teachers will be allowed to devote ten percent of their time to their own professional development. The aim is that by 2020 eighty percent of the temporary teachers in Utrecht will have signed the new contract, and there is a transitional period of one year.

According to UU director Annetje Ottow, this will not cost the University more money, but the additional training of teachers may require an extra investment. The total number of teaching hours remains the same.

Ottow said that the measure stemmed from the idea that we wanted to deal with the temporary teachers differently. She wanted to give them more clarity about their appointment, and to offer them more opportunities for personal development. This can only benefit the students and also makes it a wonderful stepping stone for future careers outside the university

Trade union executive Jan Boersma of FNV Education and Research is pleased with the decision of Utrecht. He feels that not only do temporary teachers get more stability and security, with this new scheme, but that it also relieves the workload. Often he found that when the teacher only had a one year contract despite being well-integrated, they had to leave and the following academic year new people had to be prepped.”

According to Boersma, who negotiated the new university collective labour agreement on behalf of the trade union , the contracts in Utrecht are well in line with agreements. He is satisfied with the size of the contract as teachers are at least on salary scale 10.

One problem that Boersma feels has not been addressed is the lack in the contract for room for development in the field of research but feels that it is certainly a step in the right direction

He tells us:

Utrecht gives the right signal, I hope that the other universities will follow.

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Jon Wilkins

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