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Food is bringing people together combatting loneliness

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Loneliness is a feeling that a lot of people suffer from. Together for Each Other is an ongoing campaign in Utrecht, and different parts of the Netherlands. It shows the good deeds and initiative that the citizens have been working on, especially during the pandemic. Among these is the role of chefs in society. As restaurants are really struggling with making ends meet. The chefs have decided to give to society in a different way. For many chefs cooking food is their passion. Mike is a chef who has been working for Maison van den Boer in the Galgenward stadium. He decided to turn his career to combat an emotion that many of us are familiar with. The scary feeling called loneliness.

A good deed for loneliness in society

Mike explains that in his job there are 15 people working in the kitchen. “We usually cook for all VIPS, supervisors, players and the press at a match,” explains Mike. “Although the catering industry is temporarily closed. We want to continue contributing to society.” During the first lockdown, Chef Mike joined forces with a few other chefs to cook for the residents of Utrecht. They have decided to cater to the people who could use an extra healthy meal, some good company and attention. “They are people who feel alone in these times, live alone and rarely leave the house.” emphasizes the Chef. “The meal that is brought to the Utrecht residents brightens up their week.”

Everyone can lend a helping hand

One issue did arise. How would the chefs get those warm meals to the people? The solution was getting in contact with Margreet from the Together for Each Other campaign. Volunteers and a professional bicycle courier have decided to lend a helping hand as well to lighten up the day of the residents that receive the meals. The residents also have a little chit chat with the person delivering the meal. It is a great reminder that we are all in this together and no one is alone.

Source: RTV Utrecht

Sarah Chebaro
Sarah Chebaro
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