Fifth party member resigns from PVV Wilders

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Henk Scherer

An Utrecht-based state member and councilor has filed for his resignation from the PVV (Party for Freedom) following Geert Wilders’ remarks of discrimination against Moroccans last week.

Henk Scherer has been representing the PVV at a provincial level for the last three years saying he took the decision out of “decency and credibility.” The PVV has five seats on the provincial council.

Scherer is the fifth provincial council member to resign since Wilders sparked a wave of protest after his discriminating remarks at a pre-election party member congress. The head of the PVV’s delegation to the European parliament and two other MP’s have also resigned.

Wilders refuses to apologise for his actions after he asked the crowd during the meetup, “do you want more or less Moroccans in your city and in the Netherlands?” The crowd began chanting, “Less, less, less.” Wilders then replied, “We’ll arrange that.”

Wilders expressed no regret when he spoke at a news conference on Saturday afternoon. “I spoke the truth. I said nothing wrong, I am not sorry and I am not going to apologise for anything.”

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