Employee Salvation Army in Utrecht embezzled more than €850,000

An administrative employee of the Salvation Army has been charged with embezzlement of amounts exceeding 850,000 Euro.

The case came to light towards the end of 2014 when the employee had taken time off due to reported illness. A colleague had then taken over the duties of the employee and had noticed a number of irregular fraudulent transactions made by the employee.

The Salvation Army handed over the case to the authorities and the employee was ordered to cease his duties with immediate effect. The Salvation Army had also requested an external agency to produce a formal report on the nature of the fraudulent activities undertaken by the employee. The study was rounded off this week.

The report revealed that the employee had falsified invoices made to resemble those of valid healthcare providers. Recipients of the invoices could not tell the difference between a real and fake invoice. Even the signatures were forged. The falsified practice had surprisingly gone on for more than six years without anyone ever knowing.

In the mean time, the Salvation Army have begun implementing extra measures to prevent further foul play. Frequent internal audits now form part of the required internal procedures to ensure that invoices conform to the required standard and do not contain any falsified information.

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