Electric canal boats for hire in Utrecht from May onwards

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Electric boats will be available for hire from May onwards now the new trend is finally starting to take off.

Fred Hulshoff, the proud inventor from Hogeveen, designed and created his first boat some years ago but the idea never quite took off. The first concept was based on a sawed-off canoe with an electric motor in the back.

The boats are special because they are small and that makes it possible for them to reach all corners of the waterways. The fact that they are still in operation also makes it possible to access areas where noisy motor boats are forbidden.

The boats will be available to rent in Utrecht only until further notice and should become a unique tourist attraction during the summer months.

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  1. Avatar Alison says:

    Any word on where to rent them or how much it costs to rent them?

  2. Avatar UtrechtCentral.com says:

    No idea, I asked the maker though so we’ll see what he says!

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