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Dreaming of snow in Utrecht? What the experts say for this winter

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Another Christmas has come and gone and with that, another snowless holiday in Utrecht and across the country. In fact, since 1901, it has only snowed in De Bilt on Christmas and Boxing Day in the Netherlands just 8 times. The last of which was in 2010. With such a track record, expectations are rarely high for such an event but it’s downright hard not to be hopeful with “Dreaming of a White Christmas” playing in the background.

Winter has only just begun and while last year gave us little snow, what are the experts saying for whats to come?

Could Utrecht see snow?

Since beginning to track snow in the Netherlands in 1956, The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) has never seen such a long period without snow cover. It has been 693 days since De Bilt has had snow cover setting a new record. The previous record was between the 18th March, 1989 and the 7th February, 1991. In fact, the KNMI also reports that the average number of days it snows somewhere in the country has dropped from 40 in 1980 to 29 days from the 1st of January.

This data certainly doesn’t bode well for the chances of snow in the future but that doesn’t mean we should give up hope. The picture for January is relatively cold and also unpredictable. When asked if there is a chance of a good snow cover in the Netherlands, the KNMI’s answer is “yes, of course! But then things have to “go well”. Disturbances can form last minute and change things quite drastically. For example, if a storm heads over Belgium and dropped a lot of rain on the Netherlands with an easterly wind, a large snow cover could form. If things do not “go well” then our chances of a snowy Utrecht will sadly be much slimmer.

Don’t give up hopes of snowball fights, sledding and snowmen just yet!

Allison Chambers
Allison Chambers
Allison is an American from Florida who has been living in Utrecht for the last 2 years. Sales and Marketing are her passions by day and writing by night. Allison loves being part of the diverse Utrecht community and learning about culture and innovation. When she's not working, she enjoys traveling, food, spending time with family and the occasional cheesy joke.


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