Crematorium not welcome in Utrecht as residents force construction delay

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More than a thousand residents of the Wittevrouwen, Wilhelmina Park and Biltstraat neighborhoods have signed a petition to stop the construction of a crematorium at St. Barbara off Prinsesselaan recently.

Now, despite earlier approval last year by the municipality, that permit has been revoked by a Central Netherlands appeals court. This comes after objections were raised by hundreds of families which live nearby over unresolved traffic, zoning and parking issues. 

However, the emissions from the burning of human bodies are also a factor according to one resident that wishes to remain anonymous. He said the expected 300-600 cremations per year concerned his neighbors, with apprehension and uncertainty about the odor lingering mostly amongst the closest homeowners.

To move forward, St. Barbara Cemetery will have to undergo another, more detailed licensing application. It is also possible the Utrecht city council will need to approve any further action before the possibility of resuming construction can be considered. As for now the building site is empty to the relief of citizens in the area.

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