Crane accident couple return from honeymoon in Paris

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The man responsible for the bizarre collision involving a crane in IJsselstein have returned from Paris. They departed shortly after the accident on Saturday evening following the boyfriends proposal to his admirer.

The man was planning to use the crane to gain access to his girlfriends garden and ask her hand in marriage. Without warning, the unsecured crane began to tip on its side and ended up smashing its way through the roof of the next door neighbors. The crane rendered another neighbors car damaged and immobile.

While attempting to lift the crane off the roof with another crane, the hook lost grip and the crane came plummeting down once again only to cause even more damage to the already impaired structure.

Despite the bizarre incident, the couple left off to Paris on Saturday evening to celebrate the proposal only to return Sunday to apologize to their neighbours.

”We want the residents of the affected home to know how we sympathize with them and that we never wanted this,” stated the couple in a letter to RTV; a popular Utrecht-based broadcasting station.

A total of 32 homes were evacuated as a precaution. The families from the two neighbouring homes have been provided shelter and will not be returning home until reparations are complete. A full investigation into the extent of the damage will be carried out on Monday.

IJsselstein became the center of media attention worldwide on Saturday following the occurrence of the accident.

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