Community service for bus driver’s fatal accident

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The bus driver who fatally collided with Jim van Beek (16) on the bus lane Parkwijk Utrecht will not be receiving a prison sentence but community service. The jury feels she deserves such a punishment because she violated several traffic rules with a fatal outcome.

Fatima K. was driving to a lecture that Sunday afternoon with her daughter from IJsselstein in Leidsche Rijn and lost her way. While trying to find her route, she frantically drove through a red light and shortly after rammed into Jim who was on his moped at the time. Jim had green light and didn’t expect to get hit by the bus.

“My son was just following the rules and had to pay the price with his life. That’s unjust,” said, Irma Endeveld, the mother. She was too emotinally distressed to provide her full story at the court.

Jim’s father, Ron van Beek was fit to comment, “The world around us just goes on, ours has come to a standstill. It is absurd, we are living in such a daze.”

52 year old driver, Fatima K heard the stories from the relatives and commented, “I’m really worried about the incident, I’m concerned about the family. I would do everything to turn back the tables.”

The distressed mother explained how it was pointless for the driver to receive a lengthy prison sentence. She told the courts, “It won’t make a difference if she gets a heavier sentence. I won’t be getting my son back anyway.” Instead, she requested 180 hour community service for Fatima and a drivers license suspension of one and a half years.

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