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City of Utrecht urges visitors to avoid city center on Saturdays

Last updated 3 months ago by UtrechtCentral.com

As corona virus cases are on the rise across Utrecht and the Netherlands, the City of Utrecht continues to encourage measures to ensure the safety and responsibility of all visitors. One of these measures is encouraging city visitors to come to town throughout the week and not just on Saturdays to accommodate the 1.5 meter distance rule.

Saturdays are the busiest day

Saturdays is the busiest day in Utrecht, especially between 12:00 and 16:00. Because of this, it is difficult for visitors in the city to keep the recommended 1.5 meter distance in public places. Areas such as Steenweg, Lange Elisabethstraat, Bakkerstraat, Vredenburg and part of the Oudegracht have been particularly busy.

Even with extra enforcement deployed by the city to ensure measures are kept, the crowds make it difficult to ensure distance is followed. Therefore, the City of Utrecht urges visitors to come to the city center on other days of the week when restaurants and shops are less visited.

When are better times to visit?

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are quiet to somewhat busy and is therefore recommended as a better time to visit than the weekends. The city has launched resources for visitors to consider the best time to visit the city center and other establishments across the region. On the visit Utrecht website, you can find a table with times color coded by least busiest to busiest. The city has also used data from business owners in the recreation and catering sectors across the region to launch the Utrecht Crowd Monitor. The Crowd Monitor displays museums, parks and eating establishments along with how busy each place is.

By using these resources, visitors can give enough space and avoid crowded areas within the city while still enjoying freedom. Check the latest update from the City of Utrecht for further corona measures.

Source: City of Utrecht

Allison Chambers
Allison Chambers
Allison is an American from Florida who has been living in Utrecht for the last 2 years. Sales and Marketing are her passions by day and writing by night. Allison loves being part of the diverse Utrecht community and learning about culture and innovation. When she's not working, she enjoys traveling, food, spending time with family and the occasional cheesy joke.


  1. But people like us who work in IT on all days at office, it’s only possible to do groceries/other necessary shopping or eat out, exercise, play sport or other stress busters on weekends only and especially as Sunday most things are shut. Will try to minimize henceforth for the safety of everyone..


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