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Just like many others in Betty Chang’s properties have done in the past, the tenants of a house in Leidsche Rijn Utrecht filed a lawsuit against her because she tried to force them to move out from their home without giving them their legal notice period. Betty Chang has been an infamous landlord in Utrecht for many years and, she has twice been reviled as slumlord of the year in the Netherlands.

This Japanese landlord is known for cancelling the rental agreements without notice and for charging high rents for poor quality accommodation.

For example, for one room of 18m2, she charges 630 euros per month. However, the room is dilapidated and needs urgent repairs and it looks like the house could collapse at any time.

She is now trying to get the residents out of the property in Leidsche Rijn without notice. She even let prospective tenants into the current tenants’ room without their permission for a viewing whilst the tenants were not present. The bathroom of the house has been destroyed and the water supply has been shut down. The residents’ lawyer tried to get in contact with Chang, but she refused to meet him and she did not come to the hearing on 16th October

One of the Rental Team Utrecht member, Edo Gommers, said that he is far too familiar with Chang’s methods. She does not repay the renters deposits, does not carry out essential maintenance and tries to terminate contracts without notice.

Rental Team Utrecht was created to help tenants in need because they believe that a home is where you should be able to come back to after a long day and not have to worry about someone taking that away from you.

Although there is a long-term issue about accommodations and slumlords in Utrecht, the city is trying their best to prevent this by working with police, other municipalities, Inspectorate SZW and Tax Authorities.

The verdict against Betty Chang will follow in two weeks time and we will keep you updated.



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Jon Wilkins

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