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Its Awesome in Utrecht once again as they hold their first Pitch Night of 2019.

On Tuesday 12 February Awesome Utrecht were guests at LE: EN for the very first Pitch Night of 2019. And what a night it was as they kicked off with five Awesome ideas to make Utrecht even more fun.

What were the ideas?

The Babysitters brought a babysitting service ‘on location’ so that mothers from Overvecht could follow courses without any worries. Jamie Nee argued for more diversity on the signs at traffic lights, instead of always the same male figure lit up. Annemieke and Bart saw in the Antoniuskerk in Lombok the ideal place for a cultural centre where residents could meet. Sanne wanted to change the station stages at the Jaarbeursplein into a huge karaoke arena and last but not least: A spontaneous pitch by Thomas from the audience who wanted to brighten up the electricity boxes in the city by Utrecht artists.

And the winners were:

As an Overvechtse mother, it can be difficult to follow a course or lesson if you do not have a childcare for your children. Fortunately, the Babysitters help with that!

Tikkent, Aisha and Naima had the winning idea of ​​pitch Night # 9 in LE: EN with De Oppasmoeders. They want to help the mothers from Overvecht with a babysitting service on location at the courses they were following. In this way, parents can follow  lessons and take time for their own development without the problems caused by needing child care. The idea came about with the help of five students, and it turns out to be a fruitful collaboration. With the contribution of 1000 euros from the Awesome trustees De Oppasmoeders can work to realize this beautiful initiative. The next Pitch Night they will tell about their progress.

Pitch Night #10 is on Tuesday 23 April at Bakx & Meijer in De Lik (Wolvenplein).

Will you be there?

Pitch yourself?

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