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In really positive news for the city last week, Utrechter Maaike Kluft and her colleague, Rotterdam Maison Savant owner Raymond Landegent pitched a plan to make Utrecht an even more attractive city and won € 1000 during a pitch event held by Awesome Utrecht.

Who are Awesome Utrecht?

They are a collective who want to support ideas in Utrecht. Awesome Utrecht are twenty Utrecht residents who put in € 50, every two months and with this € 1000 they donate to a group with the most imaginative ideas to brighten our city. The lenders and the public vote for the best idea at a pitch event and the winners have their funding. Wonderfully simple and wonderfully generous.

Awesome Utrecht distributes free money to people with an awesome idea for Utrecht

A thousand euros is what you get when you win a pitch night from Awesome Utrecht. For that you first have to have a good idea with which you make Utrecht even ‘awesome-er’. The idea is just to make Utrecht Awesome and as one of the funders said, to make Utrecht a bit more fun and to put a smile on the face of Utrecht people.

To be successful any pitch must be surprising, thoughtful, positive for Utrecht and naturally, awesome and then the twenty trustees make a selection and so last week the winners from four diverse presentations were Maaike and Raymond who explained during their pitch about their outsiders project that is currently running in Rotterdam. Here, they reproduce artworks by people with disabilities and paint then on walls as giant murals.

What seemed to win over the trustees was the enthusiasm of Maaike and Raymond, indeed Maaike said that just like in Rotterdam, they wanted to bring out artworks and show the residents of Utrecht. They wanted to paint a number of walls throughout the city, including the wall opposite De Helling and a wall at the Oosterkade. They have already spoken to the municipality and want to quickly get started. When they worked in Rotterdam they painted six murals in one day and so want to complete their Utrecht project before the winter starts.

You can read more on the website of Maison Savant.

We hope to write a lot more about Awesome Utrecht in the near future, but what an amazing idea and so simple as well. A group of people getting together to promote the city. Reliant on no-one except their own generosity. How many times have you thought if only… Well those at Awesome Utrecht have come up with a solution and are generous to a fault, making Utrecht a better place by introducing something different to the city.


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Jon Wilkins

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