Artist sets camp on Hoog Catharijne rooftop

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Dutch artist, Melle Smets, has set up camp at the Hoog Catharijne shopping center rooftop in an attempt to fully absorb the soul of the complex. The Hoog Catharijne is the most central building of the city with its shopping stores and interconnecting railway station.

Smets is believed to be using the very same tent used by Dutch artists Wolkers and Bomans in 1971 when they camped on the uninhabited island, Rottumerplaat.

With his weeks stay, Smets is trying to experience what it must have felt like to have built a building of such capacity during an era when people had more freedom to expand. “I want to feel the very essence of the structure during my stay here,” explained Smets.

Melle is known as an active artist and his influential public stunts. He completed a higher level study at Arnhem’s ArtEZ school of Arts in 1999 before moving to Rotterdam where he set up his own atelier. Melle strives to present the alternative aspects of our surroundings through the projects he initiates.

Find out more about Melle Smets.

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