A Green too far in Utrecht

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Keep the forest;  Every tree counts!

I read that the Golfclub de Haar wants to expand its facility from a 9 hole course to a full size 18 hole course. What could be wrong with that I hear you ask?

To create room for this expansion the plan is for 600 trees to be cut down from the woods at Kasteel Haarzuilens.

Thats whats wrong!

This is just too much! It goes without saying, but say it I will, amongst these trees are some very old, monumental ones, which are of course irreplaceable.

Why can’t the Golf Club make an alternative plan where the plan is reversed and the forest, along with all the plants and animals that live there, are kept in the current state?

This is so important because the plans for the extension of the golf course date from 20 years ago when Utrecht and the world was very different. A lot has changed since that time. Utrecht has grown enormously and will continue to grow in the coming years and has  limited green space which should be cherished and has therefore become even more important. Green areas and ecosystems that have developed over hundreds of years are becoming more and more vulnerable to man’s activities and we cannot see yet another area of natural beauty be destroyed by a golf clubs whim .

We can all see that he effects of climate change have become increasingly clearer and noticeable during recent years. In the This was the hottest summer ever measured in the Netherlands.  Weather extremes are becoming normal. It is clear that this rapid development is of enormous concern to all of us. The latest report from IPCC is clear: We really have to do everything now. Climate change and the consequences of climate change require major changes. Trees are crucial to this; and big old trees are of the greatest value. We cannot afford to lose more trees and our children certainly can’t

The Golf Club needs to reconsider the current plans in the light of all these developments and to save the beautiful forest at Kasteel de Haar, with all of its old monumental trees. It cannot be that for the pleasure of a few, the long-term interest of everyone else is sacrificed.

There is still a chance to make a choice that fits with the new challenges we all now face as a city and indeed, as humanity. A choice that takes the interests of younger generations into account should be made. How will we be able to look into our childrens and grandchildrens eyes if we allow developers to destroy even more natural habitats, ignoring the immense damage they do when this occurs? We must recognize the irreplaceable value of ecosystems and nature reserves.

Do you think we should destroy these trees for the benefit of a few?

What damage have we already allowed to take place that we now regret?

What green land will there be in Utrecht in 2020 at this rate?

Should we now take notice of Joni Mitchell when she sang that the world has been turned into a parking lot, because that’s what it looks like to many of us.

No longer should environmentalists be looked down on as some kind of freakish do-gooders. They truly do have our best interests at heart and we need to listen to them, NOW!

If you would like to sign a petition against this follow the link here.

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Jon Wilkins

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