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Coronavirus cases rising in Utrecht: All you need to know

The graph of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands is going up at a very fast rate. According to the latest data released by health...

U-OV and Syntus suspend night buses until further notice

The government recently announced additional measures to combat the corona virus as cases rise across the country. As part of these measures, hospitality establishments...

Utrecht venues exempt from 30 person limit

Corona times have certainly been hard on us all. While daily life looks a lot different, there is still entertainment and culture to be...

City of Utrecht urges visitors to avoid city center on Saturdays

As corona virus cases are on the rise across Utrecht and the Netherlands, the City of Utrecht continues to encourage measures to ensure the...

Reopening of Utrecht’s historic canal: All you need to know

A motorway for more than 40 years, and now a canal again. It’s certainly a reason to celebrate for Utrecht and its residents!

New academic year commences in Utrecht

Autumn is just around the corner. For most of us this means more rain and thicker clothes, but for students and professors this means...

Research continues into implementation of universal basic income

The idea of ​​a universal basic income for all has been around for some time now although its implementation has been lagging. This has...

New anti virus measures as faculties soon to reopen

As activities at the Utrecht Science Park and Rijnsweerd are starting to resume and faculties are once again re-opening their doors, what measures have...

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