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Utrecht University: Not all are affected equally by the pandemic

Last updated 5 months ago by Michael Darmanin

The COVID-19 pandemic affects us all in many different ways. However, research shows that certain groups in society are more likely to be affected by the virus than others. Researchers from Utrecht University developed a page covering this topic.

Migratory background and risk

Initially, researchers looked at COVID-19 risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart conditions. But soon it became clear that things were more complicated than that. Most intensive care cases, in the most populated are in the Netherlands, are of those with a migratory, non-western background. This raises serious questions about social policies.

Social gap

Those from vulnerable groups are more likely to have jobs which require physical contact and cannot be done from home. Similarly, some families with a migratory background or low-income cannot afford the technology needed for their children to follow online classes.

Steps in the right direction

But there is some encouraging news. In Amsterdam, the municipality addressed this problem. In the summer they gave 3000 laptops to children, to support them in attending online classes. Multiples agencies in the Netherlands urged the Government to devote more attention to risk groups and offer them assistance in fighting the pandemic.

Silviu Alexandru Costea
Silviu Alexandru Costea
Silviu A. Costea is a psychology student with a deep appreciation for beauty, may it be in art, science, nature, or anywhere else. With his passion for writing and experience as an international student, he is dedicated to providing quality content on various topics. He is a keen listener and he is convinced that everyone has a story worth sharing.


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