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Utrecht University develops online therapy for COVID-19-related grieving

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The pandemic seems far from over. After a more relaxed summer, the number of new cases soared. For some of us this means that our loved ones or we ourselves are in great danger again.

Unusual times, unusual farewells

The virus claimed almost 7000 lives in The Netherlands. Most of those who died spent their last moments away from their families and friends. This, experts say, makes the grieving process much more difficult for those left behind. Cancelled or smaller funerals only made the pain worse.

Adapted therapy

Due to the social distancing rules, in-person therapy is not possible for many. However, more and more people find it difficult to cope with the death of their loved ones. A new approach is needed.

Researchers at Utrecht University addressed this problem. They developed a new online treatment. Using the principles of the established method of CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), their new method is administered with the help of Therapieland (and online health organization).

A study is ongoing on the effects of the therapy. The results are expected to be seen around December 2020. The therapy is expected to alleviate the pain of grieving, and also offer insight into the bereavement process, so that future treatments can become even more effective.

Silviu Alexandru Costea
Silviu Alexandru Costea
Silviu A. Costea is a psychology student with a deep appreciation for beauty, may it be in art, science, nature, or anywhere else. With his passion for writing and experience as an international student, he is dedicated to providing quality content on various topics. He is a keen listener and he is convinced that everyone has a story worth sharing.


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