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Corona virus antibodies found in mothers milk

Last updated 6 months ago by UtrechtCentral.com

The breast milk of women who had COVID-19 has been found to contain antibodies against the corona virus. This new finding has emerged based on new research led by the Emma Children’s Hospital which forms part of the Amsterdam University Medical Center. The researchers, a number of them from Utrecht, hope to be able to use breast milk as a medicine for vulnerable corona patients.

The Utrecht researchers analyzed breast milk samples from women who have had COVID-19 to see how much and which antibodies the milk contains and how this changes during the lactation period. In addition, they did indeed find many corona antibodies in breast milk.

Strong antibodies discovered

“The mother’s body produces antibodies that can neutralize the corona virus,” explains Prof. Albert Heck. “The fact that these are also found in breast milk is likely to protect the babies against the virus as well. We found very many and very strong antibodies against COVID in that breast milk. Our hypothesis is now that the milk could be used to protect not only the babies, but also vulnerable COVID patients.”

Administration through ice cream

The researchers hope to be able to administer the milk as ice cream. When a patient sucks on such an ice cream, the antibodies go directly to the relevant places in the mouth and nose, and can kill the virus particles there. Heck emphasized, “We are not that far yet. But this is what we hope for. ”

Volunteers required for further research

The researchers studied the breast milk of several dozen ex-corona patients who have just become mothers. The women had registered as volunteers in response to an appeal on social media. In the meantime, thousands of new donor mothers have registered with to take part in the study.

Donate your milk and support

Would you like to take part and contribute to this breakthrough development? Register by sending an email to covid.milk@amsterdamumc.nl.

Source: Utrecht University

Michael Darmanin
Michael Darmanin
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