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Towards a more sustainable water use in agriculture

It is common knowledge that 70% of the Earth is covered by water. However, it might come as a surprise that 70% of the...

UNESCO’s fight against misinformation backed by Utrecht University

The COVID-19 pandemic has far reaching and profound consequences. It goes without saying that the crisis has changed the world as we know it....

Ocean saving research awarded by Utrecht University

Utrecht University awards a special prize to oceanographer Erik van Sebille for his research focused on reducing plastic waste from the oceans. Delayed award The Agnites...

Corona virus antibodies found in mothers milk

The breast milk of women who had COVID-19 has been found to contain antibodies against the corona virus. This new finding has emerged based...

Understanding the cause of devastating earthquakes and tsunamis

Where do really big earthquakes take place? This is one of the biggest questions for earth scientists, but also for the nearly 4 billion...

Five Utrecht scientists get Covid-19 research grants

The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (or ZonMw) has approved grant proposals from five researchers in Utrecht that will study the social...

Progression towards cure for cancer by Utrecht University

Scientists from Utrecht University offer a new explanation for one of the greatest mysteries in the field of cancer research. Loss of often mutated...

Three Utrechters nominated for Science Talent award

Three Utrechters have been nominated to win the Science Talent award. The three nominated researchers from Utrecht are: Joyce Browne (1987, Utrecht University) During her pregnancy,...

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