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“Utrecht Science Park: everything comes together here. This name perfectly illustrates what we together form in Utrecht: a powerful bundling of education, research and business. With an impact on the city and region. Utrecht Science Park is not just a name, it’s a title that we can all be proud of.”

So says Tineke Zweed, member of the Executive Board at Hogeschool Utrecht as today it was announced by the Utrecht city council that they had officially decided to change the neighbourhood name ‘De Uithof’ to ‘Utrecht Science Park’. The Utrecht Science Park is now one of the most competitive regions in Europe and is the largest science park in the Netherlands. This name fits far better with the international appearance of the area, making it immediately clear what type of area is involved and will immediately establishes the links with the city and the region of Utrecht.

“With this name we do justice to the international importance and character of the Utrecht Science Park and of the knowledge and educational institutions and companies that are housed there.”

Says Dennis Straat, Deputy Province of Utrecht

Everyone appears pleased with the implementation of the name change, including Utrecht University, the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology, the Hubrecht and Westerdijk institute, the RIVM, the SSH and companies such as Danone Nutricia Research, Genmab, Merus and GenDX.

The Province of Utrecht, the surrounding municipalities of De Bilt, Bunnik, Zeist, Houten and Nieuwegein and the Economic Board Utrecht also support the adaptation of the neighbourhood name.

Jan Henk van der Velden, director-director of the Foundation Utrecht Science Park told the media:

“Together with the area partners, surrounding municipalities and the province, we are pleased that the city council of Utrecht has decided to have the neighbourhood name “De Uithof” officially changed to  “Utrecht Science Park” With the name change, the Utrecht Science Park will become literally and figuratively on the map, we are pleased with this support from the city council, where institutions and high-quality companies work together intensively to find new solutions for a healthier and more sustainable life.”

It may take some time for the adjustment to the new neighbourhood name, but the signposting to the area will be adapted by various municipalities, the province and Rijkswaterstaat. The naming of Ov destinations is also adjusted. Most area partners already use the term ‘Utrecht Science Park’ in their communication to students, employees, patients and visitors to the area.

Development of the Utrecht Science Park

At the Utrecht Science Park, leading research and development companies and knowledge institutions have been established in recent years, such as Danone Nutricia Research and the Princess Máxima Centre for pediatric oncology. In the last decade the Utrecht Science Park has grown into an area where education and science work together with high-quality companies. Knowledge institutions, research institutes, healthcare and research and development companies work together intensively to find new solutions for a longer and healthier life, now and in the future. Because of these developments, the area has become the heart of one of the most competitive regions in Europe.


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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.

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  1. Avatar San says:

    “Everyone appears pleased with the implementation of the name change”.

    Everyone except the residents of de Uithof itself, as well as a majority citizens of Utrecht. This name change is only cosmetic and will cost the tax payers of Utrecht 400.000 euro!

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