Stephen Hawking to lecture in Utrecht

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The world-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking will be giving a lecture at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht on May 23.

Hawking will be providing the opening speech of PLANCKS, the first international competition for students of theoretical physics. Only 500 tickets will be made available to the general public.

A-Eskwadraat, the organisation behind the initiative, are very enthusiastic about his presence and the event is expected to sell out fast when tickets go on sale Saturday. The Beatrix Theater is able to accommodate some 1,400 people.

During a previous visit to the Dutch city of Leuven, some 3,000 people gathered outside the convention to watch Hawking speak on a large outdoor screen.

This could well be the last time we will see Hawking live in the Netherlands. It took a lot of effort to get Hawking to come again; eventually, he replied with a short email accepting the offer.

Hawking is known by many as one the worlds most revolutionary scientists. His research on black holes is believed to be ground breaking on many levels and the fact that he has accomplished so much from a wheelchair is an amazing achievement of human will power.

No one is entirely sure what he will be talking about but many are convinced that he will be speaking about the existence and creation of the universe and the consequences of modern science on the cosmos.

Other celebrity appearances will include Utrecht Nobel prize winner Gerard ‘t Hooft and German experimental physicist Immanuel Bloch.

Keep an eyeball on this page for tickets which are expected to go on sale on 3 April:

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