Nigerian Ebola patient cured at University Medical Center Utrecht

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The Nigerian UN peacekeeping worker who contracted Ebola more than three weeks ago in Liberia has been cured at the emergency unit of the University Medical Center Utrecht.

He has been transferred to the Central Military Hospital in Utrecht where he will remain until he is fit to leave back to his hometown in Nigeria.

The man, who was admitted earlier this month, had undergone multiple long-enduring treatments. Laboratory tests carried out by Erasmus MC and Bernhard Neither Institute in Hamburg have proven that the man is no longer infected or contagious.

Based on the results, the UMC Utrecht officially declared the UN aid worker fully cured and ready to carry on with his civil duties. It was the first time a foreign Ebola patient had been cured at the UMC.

The United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Liberia (UNMIL) have contributed significantly to the fight against Ebola by ensuring that aid workers can safely carry out their work.

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