New operation method can restore sensory feelings to penis

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Men who have lost all sensory feeling in their penis can now revive sensation to their favorite sexual organ by undergoing a relatively simple operation devised by plastic surgeon Dr. Max Overgoor of the Isala hospital in Zwolle.

Dr. Overgoor, who specializes in male sex organ complications for over twelve years now, confirmed his new sensory revival method in front of an auditorium of students at the University of Utrecht on Thursday.

Over 54 males have been successfully treated till now; two thirds of all operations he’s carried out so far. Overgoor hopes his new methods will be adopted worldwide over the coming years.

“Two successful operations, similar to mine, have already taken place in Seattle so far,” Overgoor told.

Overgoor’s method, which takes about one and a half hour to complete, involves reconnecting the groin nerves to the live nerve endings at the lower part of the back.

Most of Dr. Overgoors patients who suffer from loss of sensation in their penis have some form of paraplegia; an impairment in motor or sensory function of the lower extremities.

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