Centuries of history to go on display under Utrecht Dom Cathedral

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Utrecht will officially inaugurate, DOMunder, a new underground attraction beneath the Dom Cathedral Square. Visitors will be able to wander through two thousand years of history fifteen feet below the ground.

The underground lair includes late 19th century aqueducts to combat cholera and the remains of a Roman Castellum which was able to accommodate about five hundred at the time.

DOMunder will reflect years of archaeological research that has been ongoing below the Cathedral Square. The Roman remnants consists of a number of tombs and an ancient underground path that was uncovered on the 13th of December last year.

According to the initiator of the project, Paul Baltus, the aim of the museum is to engage the public in, “archaeological fascination.”
“We want to present history as pure and naked as possible,” he continued.

The museum will span a total of around 380 square meters with the entrance being located near the Dom Tower. The archaeological project cost around 4.5 million euros and is likely to attract thousands of foreign tourists this summer.

This historical attraction will become officially accessible to the public by Jet Busemaker, the Minister of Education, Culture and Science on the 2nd of June 2014.

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