Batman could encourage children to eat healthy

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Superheroes such as Batman could encourage children to develop more healthy eating habits. The results were presented after a new joint study undertaken by Brian Wansink of Cornell University, Mitsuru Shimisu and Guido Camps of Utrecht Univeristy.

The study is a memoir of how Popeye the Sailor inspired generations to eat spinach if you want to get stronger.

Conducted at a summer camp among 22 children aged between 6 to 12; they were asked whether they wanted to eat apple fries or french fries during several consecutive Wednesday lunches.

Pictures of superheroes were placed near the apple fries which contain a mere 34 calories compared to regular french fries seven times that figure.

Apart from using the right imagery, parents are advised to use to different communication methods at the dinner table asking questions like, “What would Batman eat?”

The findings were published in the journal of Pediatric Obesity.

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