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Why would PVV leader Geert Wilders decide to arrange a cartoon competition featuring Islamic religious figure prophet Mohammed?

It can only be for publicity of the wrong kind and to upset the Muslim world. The competition is a sensitive topic, as depicting the prophet Mohammed is considered sacrilege in large parts of the Islamic world.

He has managed that and then surprisingly enough having caused all the uproar and upset he cancels it due to threats made against him, he said on Twitter. What on earth did he expect?

Wilders tells the world that there is a price on his head, he heard that a high Pakistani clergyman had declared a fatwa against him. What did he expect. He knows what depicting the image of Mohammed means in the Islamic world. He is just baiting them and then acts as if he is the injured party. But it is not just him that is affected.

The Taliban called for Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan to be attacked, probably because of this competition. So our soldiers were instructed to remain inside and only leave the camp if it was “absolutely necessary”, a Defense spokesperson said. About 100 Dutch soldiers are stationed in Afghanistan for the NATO mission Resolute Support, all now at risk because of the inflammatory actions of one man. Did he even think before he decided to do this? Of course he did, he just wanted to appear the victim. He does not seem to care about the results of his actions.

The cartoon competition was set to take place in the PVV chamber in the Tweede Kamer, in November. The competition angered the TLP, an Islamic party in Pakistan, who called for the Dutch ambassador to be expelled from the country while thousands of people marched in protest against the competition. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi previously said that he wants to put this matter before the United Nations and other world leaders, because they did not understand how much pain they cause with these actions.

Sources within the security services said that they only found out about Wilders’ decision to cancel the competition when he posted it on Twitter. They had not advised Wilders to cancel the competition, and there was had been no discussion about the competition.

Image courtesy: “Geert Wilders does a Goebbels” (CC BY 2.0) by uair01
Image courtesy: By Rijksoverheid/Phil Nijhuis [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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