Utrecht ExPats to get a boost

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The current Expat Centre in the municipal office will be renamed the International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region from the start of 2019.

It is hoped that the Welcome Centre will be more open and accessible in order to better serve the growing number of international residents in the Utrecht region.

That decision was signed on Wednesday 5 December by the Aldermen of Economic Affairs of Utrecht and Amersfoort, the deputy of the province of Utrecht and the chairman of the Executive Board of Utrecht University.

The current Expat Centre has been struggling for some time with the rising waiting times to see customers. So, with longer opening hours and a more recognizable location, it is hoped that international residents of Utrecht will be helped faster and better.

Soon they will be able to handle the necessary formalities in one visit with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) and civil affairs. They can also receive information about housing, education and care. It may be of help to any Brits wanting to know about their futures in The Netherlands after Brexit, because as sure as eggs is eggs the UK government has no idea.

In recent research commissioned by the Economic Board, Utrecht reported that the expected number of international residents that will settle in the region by 2030 will increase by 7 percent each year. As the mayor told us in a recent interview, the city of Utrecht currently has 166 different foreign nationalities resident in the city and region.

Alderman Klaas Verschuure is pleased with the arrival of the Welcome Centre, he stated:

“I think it is important that we act together in this, because in the future we will also attract more and more international visitors, companies and residents.”

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.

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