Pope Franciscus visit to Netherlands ‘not unlikely’

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Pope Francis says that a visit to the Netherlands is “not unlikely” after an interview with ‘Trouw’ that took place at the Casa Santa Marta; the residence of the Pope. Trouw is a Dutch newspaper which first appeared in 1943 and has over 300,000 readers nation-wide to date.

It is the first time that the Pope spoke with Dutch journalists. The Pope mentioned how the chances are likely considering the Netherlands has an Argentinian queen but also mentioned that he has to deal with the time constraints that come with a busy agenda.

In the interview the Pope talks about his childhood and the civil duty which he carried out for refugees and the poor. He recalls the Sicilian woman who used to pass by his mothers home three times a week to help with the chores. Despite having two kids of her own, she was not very wealthy but possessed a very caring character.

The interview was big news in Italy featured on most larger news agencies such as Rai News and Repubblica. The full interview is being published in street-newspapers worldwide aimed at generating income for the needy.

Photo credit: Jeffrey Bruno from New York City, United States

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