Pegida to host another demonstration this weekend

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The right-wing anti-Islam group Pegida will be carrying out another demonstration this Saturday according to messages on popular social media. They plan to assemble at Neude square at 12:30 pm.

Pegida held demonstrations in Utrecht twice in October and November of last year causing disruption on both occasions. They have already been prohibited once from protesting in the city center and will probably be restricted to a nearby park this time round as well.

Another group from the Dutch Eastern city of Enschede, so-called DTG (Demonstranten Tegen Gemeenten), will be protesting around the same time as Pegida. DTG literally stands for ‘protesters against the municipalities’. DTG disagree with over-friendly municipal policies towards refugees and feel it’s time to close border and do things differently.

It is believed by some that refugees are taking advantage of the European Union’s lenient policy towards migration. At the same time, refugee smuggling and identity falsification is becoming a big business and only a few are profiting greatly from the trade.

It is likely that anti-Pegida demonstrations will be held the following day if not on the same day itself.

Photo credit: By Apdency [CC0], from Wikimedia Commons

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