Democrats 66 dominate European elections in Utrecht

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The social-liberal and progressive political party, Democrats 66 (D66), is believed to have gained significant ground in Utrecht at the European elections on Thursday. The conclusion is based on preliminary results attained by over 1,300 volunteers present during the counting phase at local voting stations in Utrecht. The official results of the elections to the European Parliament will be announced Sunday.

The sample is based on the ballots of 25,883 voters in Utrecht. Based on this, D66 received 25% of all votes followed by GreenLeft GroenLinks (19%), Labour Party PvdA (11%), People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy VVD (8%) and the Social Party SP (7%).

A polling station representative told about the disappointing turnout; just 35% of eligible Dutch voters had cast their vote by the time the stations had closed at 9pm.

D66 have a number of progressive views with regards to Europe and the Netherlands. D66 are pro-Europe and are firm believers that education is the key to success in a modern society. They are advocates of a quality health care system and an openly democratic society where people form an important part of national decision-making. They are considering the possibility of implementing a new kind of earning model for the entire country that will prevent economic downfalls and promote constant stability.

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