Are the Dutch Racist? Is Utrecht Racist?

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I read this headline today on “Dutch Review”

Racist comments cause columnist to have to leave her position

Racism in the Netherlands. I thought could this still be happening? And in The Netherlands?

This abuse is widespread in the UK. Some female politicians have had to put up with filth being directed their way from weak people who hide behind Facebook or Twitter, but the Dutch?

A Dutch black columnist for Trouw resigned over racist abuse. The racism was not from her co-workers, but from readers who were sending extremely abusive messages to her.

Seada Nourhussen’s articles were attracting a lot of attention towards her as a person and not for the articles themselves. This hardly seems credible in a country that has always prided itself on its openness and liberal views on all things.

Of course, all journalists are used to receiving criticism about their articles, but when it’s directed at them as a person, then something is sadly wrong. When the abuse is racist in nature then that is a step too far.

Another case of abuse was towards Clarice Gargard who experienced extreme abuse whilst at work. She was reporting live in Amstelveen, broadcasting an anti-Piet demonstration, when she received vile abuse. The abuse ranged from death, violence and rape threats, name calling, such as ‘black whore’ and ‘go back to your own country.’

Clarice says that she receives abuse on a weekly basis. She reported this to the police as she felt that it should not be normalised. Sexism, racism, threats, none should be acceptable abuse when it comes to being a journalist or any other career!.

More clearly needs to be done to protect people from this kind of abuse within and outside the media. Hopefully, Clarice and Seada’s story sends out a clear message that this should not be tolerated in the Netherlands or anywhere else for that matter!

The other worrying factor as if the racism was not enough, is the misogynistic nature of the abuse. Both the journalists are women. We see how that moron Trump has been attacking black Female journalists in the states, surely people are not going to follow that example?

Does The Netherlands have a problem with racism? Does Utrecht?

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