Utrecht welcomes Jan and Anny

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On Saturday March 23, 2019 the duo Jan Keizer and Anny Schilder will be performing at the Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Nieuwegein-Utrecht in Nieuwegein!

Mention the names of Jan Keizer and Anny Schilder and millions of people at home and abroad will respond with three letters: BZN. That is not strange.

As figureheads of BZN, they caused a scene between 1976 and 1984 and scored an endless series of hits.

Although their roads separated in 1984, their musical heritage has remained alive to this day.

The reunification of the two has been a huge success. In 2010 the album ‘Together Again’ came out with, among other things, the hit ‘Take Me To Ibiza’.

Two years later the album ‘The Two Of Us’ followed. The recognizable sound of the duo hit the Netherlands but also in Belgium, South Africa, Romania and Hungary. Meanwhile, they are a number of albums and the duo has performed many performances at home and abroad.

Jan and Anny come to Nieuwegein with their ‘Grand Finale’. This will be the last year that Jan and Anny will tour together. And so maybe it will be your last chance to see them in action together.

Take a look at the hotel site for more information about the many events of Fletcher Events.

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Jon Wilkins

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