Golden Calf at the Stadsschouwburg

The Nederlands Film Festival 2017 at the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht. Photo credit: / (c) 2017,
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Welcome back! The famous golden calf is here on the Lucasbolwerk, in front of the Stadsschouwburg to celebrate the opening of The Netherlands Film Festival which will start on Thursday, September 27th.

The NFF for short will once again see Utrecht transformed into a glorious city of film. And this year there will be even more films than ever! In every Utrecht cinemas, film houses and theatres you can watch premieres and performances of films.

Golden Calf

Each year in the run-up to the festival, the Golden Calf is traditionally placed in the city and this year, it has been sited in front of the Stadsschouwburg, because this is where the red carpet premieres will take place from 27 September. The Stadsschouwburg is also the venue of the Golden Calves Gala on 5 October, which is the final evening of the NFF and when the most prestigious Netherlands film prizes are awarded.

The Golden Calves

The Golden Calves will be presented to the best Dutch filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, actors and actresses. The presentation of the Golden Calves is in the Stadsschouwburg on Friday 5 October. This will be invite only, but everyone can see the guests on the red carpet. The gala starts at 19.30.

The Programme

As you may already have read here on UtrechtCentral, during the Dutch Film Festival you can watch an amazing amount of feature films, documentaries, animations, short films and television dramas at various venues including the Central station! Many of these films are premiered during the NFF and will be seen on the screen for the very first time. What is great about this is that the premieres are often a party with the traditional red carpet, champagne and celebrities.

There will also be talk shows, exhibitions and master classes.

The Festival Centre.

The Dutch Film Festival centre is the Winkel van Sinkel. Here you can go daily to a talk show, presented by Art Rooijakkers and Eva Cleven.

The following locations show where you can watch the Dutch Film Festival for films and other events: Louis Hartlooper Complex, Kinepolis Jaarbeurs, ‘t Hoogt, Pathé Rembrandt, Stadsschouwburg, Academy Gallery,  IMPAKT, Centre for Media Culture, Centraal Museum, JK24, The Wild West, ZIMIHC Theater Zuilen and Utrecht Central station.

Tickets for the NFF can be ordered online, at the box office in the Winkel van Sinkel (open daily from 10 am to 10 pm) or at the box office of the cinemas. Here you can read more about prices and tickets.

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