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The leading storyboard artist William Simpson, known for his work for the global hit series Game of Thrones, is coming to the Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht for a masterclass during the NFF Professionals Programme on 1 October. 

William Simpson is best known for his energetic style and versatility. He worked as a comic artist for both DC Comics and the other heavyweight, Marvel Comics. The Northern Irishman illustrated a variety of comic book stories, from Batman and Judge Dredd to Hellblazer. 

Since 2000, Simpson has also been active in the film world. He made storyboards for films such as the post-apocalyptic Reign of Fire with Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale, Liam Neeson’s Unknown, and has frequently collaborated with the Irish author and Oscar winner Neil Jordan.

Initially he was asked to design the weapons for Game of Thrones, but soon became co-responsible for the overall look and feel of this internationally renowned series.

Earlier it had been announced that several internationally known speakers would be present at the NFF, including Jan Harlan (producer of, among others, Kubrick and Spielberg), Dylan Tichenor (editor of Phantom Thread and Zero Dark Thirty and the president of The American Society of Cinematographers) and innovative filmmakers Karen Palmer (Riot) and Keiichi Matsuda (Hyper-Reality).

Source: NFF
Image credit: “Will Simpson” (CC BY 2.0) by big-ashb

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