Foosball table placed at Utrecht Central Station

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After a piano, the NS (Dutch Railway service) has placed a new gadget at Utrecht Centraal Station: a foosball table made fully out of reused materials. The table has been made by the Dutch company Veldtwerk from Haarlem. Part of the table has been created from old train floors.

The first game was played between former football player Anouk Hoogendijk and Sean Klaiber, who plays for FC Utrecht.

The table has been placed at Utrecht Centraal as a test. If it turns out to be a success, more stations might be furnished with a table, so that travellers can pass their time in a fun way while they are waiting for their train to arrive. Unfortunately, the test has had mixed results so far. After one day, the foosball table has already been damaged. The NS announced on Twitter that the tale will be restored and returned to the station.

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