ENFF On Tour in Utrecht presents two extraordinary docu-fiction films made by female directors

ENFF presentation
ENFF presentation. Photo credit: MLADEN PIKULIĆ

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ENFF On Tour in Utrecht brings two extraordinary docu-fiction films made by female directors: Araf (Berlinale) by Turkish cineast Didem Pekun, shot in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (IDFA) by Azerbaijani filmmaker Leyli Gafarova, made during the shooting of the fiction feature film Bra by Veit Heilmer. The screening of these two hybrid films will be accompanied by a masterclass of Didem Pekun who will reflect on making of her profound essay, a real visual treat for film connoisseurs. Moderated by prof. Nenad Fiser. At the end, all visitors are invited to enjoy a delicious Balkan cocktail.

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January 29th, 19:00, Louis Hartlooper Complex


19:00-19:07 | INTRO Short introduction by the organization of ENFF.

19:07-19:42 | ONCE UPON A TIME IN SHANGHAI Azerbaijan/Germany | 2018 | Leyli Gafarova | 35 min.

19:42-20:27 | ARAF Greece, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2018 | Didem Pekun | 45 min.

20:27-20:57 | MASTERCLASS Masterclass with the director Didem Pekun (Araf) moderated by prof. Nenad Fiser.

21:00 | COCKTAILS Balkan cocktail in Café Das Kabinett.

About Araf

A’raf – a Turkish word for limbo or purgatory – symbolises the borderland between heaven and hell for those who are, from incapacity, neither morally bad nor good, according to Qur’an. In this very special essayistic road movie, we follow a diary of Nayia, a ghostly character who travels between Srebrenica, Sarajevo and Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has been in exile since the war and returns for the memorial of the Srebrenica genocide. Her diary notes merge with the myth of Daedalus and Icarus – Icarus being the name given to the winner of a bridge-diving competition in her home country. This years-old tradition in Mostar appears as a central motif of the film. The film premiered at Berlinale and won the Human Rights Award at Sarajevo Film Festival.

About Once Upon a Time in Shanghai

The renowned German director Veit Helmer is shooting a fiction film in Shanghai, a poor area of the capital Baku in Azerbaijan. The director’s assistant, Lejli Gafarova, makes a documentary parallel to shooting of the fiction and the famous actor, Miki Manojlovic, arrives too. Intercepting the footage of the German film crew trying to film around the railroad going through Shanghai with scenes of the slum’s daily life, the director takes us on a journey through the last days of a slum in Azerbaijan’s capital. Men talk with a sense of nostalgia and pride over the petty crimes they’ve committed as youngsters from Shanghai. Elders instruct children to express their love for Shanghai, while children talk about the fear they feel when a train interrupts their play at the railroads and friends end up in the hospital.

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