Death on the Nile in Utrecht

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English Theatre Utrecht brings Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile to the stage

Famous detective Hercule Poirot is ready to start retirement with a relaxing tour on the river Nile, but Agatha Christie, the mystery writer from whose scheming mind he came, has other things in mind. He will be confronted with jealousy, obsession, theft, love and …. coldhearted murder! The story unfolds at ETU’s production of Death on the Nile.

This fresh and humorous adaptation of the classic murder mystery takes off when rich socialite, Linnet Ridgeway, asks Poirot to take up a most important case: to make her ex-best-friend Jackie stop bothering her and ruining her perfect honeymoon!

Before he can calm the waters, a tragic death unravels many secrets among the passengers on board their boat. But who is responsible for the murder? Poirot and Colonel Race investigate outlandish characters like the ancient Ms van Schuyler and her nurse, the infamous adult novel author Mrs Otterbourne and her beautiful but surly daughter Rosalie.

The deeply sexy steward Fleetwood has his predator’s eye on the pretty Cornelia, and will Tim Allerton ever find a moment’s peace from his doting mother? Linnet’s husband Simon, Wall Street shark Pennington, fussy archaeologist Richetti, awkward Dr Bessner and creepy maid Louise all look the other way when Poirot’s gaze falls on them.

You’d better hurry, detective, if you want to catch the murderer before anyone else gets hurt!

Director Alexandra Elroy explains to us:

 ‘The real fun in puzzling your way through a murder mystery is getting to know the suspects, and unravelling their lies. Our cast certainly managed to present an exquisite bunch of fibbers – and for some, the truth they hide is dark indeed…’

Can you figure out ‘whodunnit’ before Poirot does?

Watch the mystery unfold on 8, 9 and 10 February at Theaterhuis de Berenkuil (Biltstraat 166, Utrecht).

Link to tickets is here.

About English Theatre Utrecht

English Theatre Utrecht (ETU) is an amateur theatre initiative that brings English productions to the stage of Utrecht. ETU aims to present stories that appeal to a wide audience – using humour, charm, intrigue and a talented cast with members from all over the world.

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