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Spring comes to Utrecht

Last updated 2 years ago by Michael Darmanin

SPRING 2019 sees New technology and humanity in Utrecht when for ten days, the city is the stage for radical, contemporary, international performing arts

We welcome amongst others Kris Verdonck & ICK, Mette Ingvartsen, Boris Charmatz, Stefan Kaegi | Rimini Protokoll, Naomi Velissariou | Theater Utrecht, Dries Verhoeven

Opening SPRING 2019 will be renowned Australian dance companies Dancenorth and Lucy Guerin Inc with Indonesian musical duo Senyawa

The seventh edition of SPRING Performing Arts Festival is about new technology and humanity.

Stefan Kaegi | Rimini Protokoll, Dries Verhoeven and Kris Verdonck & ICK are working on new technology.

Daniel Kok & Luke George, Naomi Velissariou | Theater Utrecht and Vincent Riebeek take a closer look at the human body.

Fang Yun Lo, Shira Eviatar and Zora Snake investigate cultural identity in the globalized world.

SPRING takes over the public space of Utrecht with Jeroen van Loon and Andrea Božić & Julia Willms | TILT.


SPRING Performing Arts Festival takes place from Thursday 16 to Saturday 25 May 2019 in various theatres and public spaces in Utrecht. For ten days the audience will be introduced to bold, contemporary international performing arts. The full programme is: now known.

SPRING opens on Thursday 16 May with Attractor from Dancenorth, Lucy Guerin Inc, Gideon Obarzanek and Senyawa. In Attractor, two renowned Australian dance companies Dancenorth and Lucy Guerin Iink together with the energetic Indonesian musical duo Senyawa who combine traditional Indonesian music, heavy metal singing, virtuoso dancers and the audience. This performance is an ode to the power of music and dance.

High Tech: Performing Technology

Within the High Tech: Performing Technology programme, SPRING presents a number of amazing performances and installations with robots, humanoids and machines as performers. With inflatable objects, machines and real people, the premiere SOMETHING (out of nothing) by Kris Verdonck & ICK asks the question, what place people occupy in a world that is increasingly driven by the dominance of technology?

Stefan Kaegi from Rimini Protokoll created a human-like robot from Thomas Melle for Uncanny Valley. In a monologue, the robot asks what happens when a person is copied.

With the installation Happiness, Dries Verhoeven explores the world of artificial happiness that increasingly presents itself in the form of drugs and other drugs.

Angela Goh examines gender, technology, intimacy and power from a female perspective.

Super Human: Performing Humanity

Humanity is shown in the Super Human: Performing Humanity program line. With 10,000 gestures as an anti-museum, the French choreographer Boris Charmatz wants to create a human database in response to our digital databases.

The Greek choreographer Tzeni Argyriou shows in ANΩNYMO how traditional dance can play a role in creating community before the rise of social media.

In the theatrical concert performance PERMANENT DESTRUCTION: The HM concert, Naomi Velissariou | Theater Utrecht finish with the taboos from the current visual culture.

Daniel Kok & Luke George connect the public with sailor knots and fluorine ropes and unravel the limits of collective responsibility, sex and power.

Global Affairs: Performing Politics

The Global Affairs: Performing Politics programme line takes us across the world to Iran, Taiwan, Nauru and Cameroon. In Utrecht’s public space, the Cameroonian artist Zora Snake literally exposes himself in Transfrontalier to the hopes, pains and obstacles that characterize the refugee trail.

In Through the Skin, young Iranian choreographers Mitra Ziaee Kia & Hiva Sedaghat portray their personal experiences with love through their bodies – and all the pleasure and pain associated with it.

Urban Affairs: Performing the City

Under the name Urban Affairs: Performing the City, SPRING takes possession of the city again. Polygon by Lawrence Malstaf forms a geometric landscape that changes shape at unexpected moments. Ephemeral Data by Jeroen van Loon is a ten-day performance in which sand creates an enormous transient Google Maps visualization of the city of Utrecht.

Ticket sales for SPRING Performing Arts Festival start on 28 March via springutrecht.nl. In total, the festival presents 21 productions and 83 performances. The festival lasts from 16 to 25 May 2019.

Jon Wilkins
Jon Wilkins
Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.


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