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History making Music in Utrecht

Last updated 2 years ago by Jon Wilkins

History in Concert

At Tivoli Vredenburg, tomorrow as part of History Month Canon van Nederland are presenting as special event, History in Concert.

The dazzling line up will feature an eclectic mix of musicians and singers:

Black Light


Ellen ten Damme

Linde Schöne

Herman Pleij

Dutch National Opera Studio

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk

The concert starts at 8:30pm with the doors opening at 7:00 pm, when numerous interactive exhibits by the participating museums can be viewed in the foyer.

For the series History in Concert, venues throughout the Netherlands are working together with famous musicians and writers for the first time. In a unique collaboration of music, history and conversations they will highlight themes from Dutch history. You will be able to listen to the personal stories of the greatest Dutch musicians from Blaudzun to Ellen ten Damme, on themes such as slavery, emancipation and the Beeldenstorm. Listen to thought provoking background stories from the highlights of the Netherlands past and meet curators and historians.

The History in Concert series will take place during the Month of History. In the Grote Zaal there will be diverse groups of musicians and well-known ambassadors of history: Amongst others there will be rappers Zwart Licht, singer Blaudzun with  Krontjong musicians, singer Ellen ten Damme and singer-songwriter  Linde Schöne, who will talk about rebellious women in history.

Historical writer Herman Pleij along with young talents from the National Opera Studio will also take part. Together they will give context and meaning to our history in a special and original way. The evening will tie in with the theme of the Month of History this year of “Uprising” and is hosted by journalist and television presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk .

Jon Wilkins
Jon Wilkins
Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.


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