World Trade Center open for business

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Today we witnessed the official opening of our very own World Trade Center. The ceremony was inaugurated by none other than the Mayor himself, Jan van Zanen. It has taken more than two years to build and is over seventy meters high.

The World Trade Center has 19 floors and so far 90 percent of the space has already been rented out. The first tenants have moved into the building such as the Grand Café & Restaurant Metro City Kitchen, the meeting center and of course the bicycle shed.

Many interested customers of the WTC were first skeptical about the project, unsure if the idea would be successful enough. They were unsure about the location (right in front of the main municipal building). After much discussion and debate, it was decided that it was a prime location right next to Utrecht Central station.

It has been said that the WTC Utrecht features superb architectural design, built upon innovative concepts that exceed modern standards. Mayor Jan van Zanen described it during his speech as a building with character and versatility; a place that meets the business demands of Utrecht.

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Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins

Jon Wilkins is Welsh and lives in England. He is a writer. A Europhile and Remainer, he is a regular visitor to Utrecht and has set his crime novel series in the city.

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