Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales speaks on internet freedom in Utrecht

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Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, is convinced that the worlds favorite open internet encyclopedia is popular enough to become a major political player in the dispute for internet freedom as he spoke during interviews at the 6th Wikimedia Conference at the Meeting Plaza on Friday.

“Activists concerned about such topics think that they are weakly positioned to have a say but that is remarkably not the case anymore. A great deal of the world population stand behind us now as one voice”, declared Wales during his visit to Utrecht on Friday. “We need to protest against organizations that work against our main goal; free access to knowledge”.

Wikipedia went on a service blackout for a single day in January this year to protest against anti-piracy law, ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ (SOPA); an operation which proved to be successful at increasing awareness about the actual threats of its enforcement. “Against such laws, we will always take some kind of action”, claimed Wales.

Wales continued, “We’re not as politically incompetent as we once thought. We are also more frequently asked to be involved in issues related to internet freedom and privacy since our effective action against policies like SOPA”.

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