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VodafoneZiggo testing its 5G network in Utrecht despite potential detrimental effects to health

Last updated 6 months ago by Michael Darmanin

NB: the views and opinions expressed in this article are not of my own. Make sure you have opened the sources included within before making any kind of conclusion. And as always, do your own research. This article has been discussed in the Facebook group, ‘Young Expats Netherlands’.

Multiple appeals by over 300 renowned scientists on the detrimental effects of the fifth generation network (5G) seems to be ignored by the European Commission. There is substantial evidence to believe that the EC are not doing enough to prevent the roll-out of 5G by multinational corporations. In the mean time, VodafoneZiggo are in the process of testing their 5G hardware in the center of Utrecht (see map below). Commercial availability is expected soon which means this microwave machine will be in operation 24/7. Now that’s some disturbing news.

VodafoneZiggo testing their 5G hardware in the center of Utrecht. Source: https://www.speedtest.net/ookla-5g-map

What is wrong with 5G technology?

Employing millimetre waves and higher frequencies than previous technologies, 5G needs a much more extensive network of antennas and other transmitting devices. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are invisible areas of energy,7 measured in hertz (Hz). Longer wavelengths with lower frequency are less powerful in terms of energy, while shorter wavelengths at higher frequencies are more powerful. Depending on the frequency, there are two categories of EMF: ionising and non-ionising radiation (see image below).

Image source: European Parliament

High-band 5G uses frequencies of 25 – 39 GHz, near the bottom of the millimeter wave band, to achieve download speeds of 1 – 3 gigabits per second (Gbps), comparable to cable internet.

What steps have scientists taken to prevent the launch?

Scientists are urgently calling on the EU to halt the roll out of 5G due to serious potential health effects from this new technology. They have contacted the European Commission multiple times in 2017 through their 5G Appeal initiative.

They argue that 5G will substantially increase exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc. for telecommunications already in place. RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.

Through their appeal launched as far back as September 2017, they strongly urge the EU to:

  1. Take all reasonable measures to halt the 5G RF-EMF expansion until independent scientists can assure that 5G and the total radiation levels caused by RF-EMF (5G together with 2G, 3G, 4G, and WiFi) will not be harmful for EU-citizens, especially infants, children and pregnant women, as well as the environment.
  2. Recommend that all EU countries, especially their radiation safety agencies, follow Resolution 1815 and inform citizens, including, teachers and physicians, about health risks from RF-EMF radiation, how and why  to avoid wireless communication, particularly in/near e.g., daycare centers, schools, homes, workplaces, hospitals and elderly care.
  3. Immediately appoint, without industry influence, an EU task force of independent, truly impartial EMF-and-health scientists with no conflicts of interest to re-evaluate the health risks.
  4. Prevent the wireless/telecom industry through its lobbying organizations from persuading EU-officials to make decisions about further propagation of RF radiation including 5G in Europe.
  5. To favor and implement wired digital telecommunication instead of wireless.

Read more about their appeal here.

How have the European Commission responded?

[gard align=’right’]In their first rebuttal to the appeal, the European Commission argued that there is consistent evidence presented by national and international bodies International Commission on Non Ionising Radiation Protection that exposure to electromagnetic fields does not represent a health risk, if it remains below the limits set by Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC1.

The Commission also agreed that there is need for constant update of scientific knowledge, which must also be taken into account in the development of the 5G technology. Such knowledge will contribute to the aim of balancing exposure of the general public to EMF with benefits brought by 5G (including eHealth) to the quality of life.

Read the first and second letter from the European Commission.

How the 5G Appeal has reacted to the letters?

A rebuttal by the 5G Appeal in response to the letters by the EC state that they are very concerned about the expansion and roll out of 5G worldwide while the effects of the 5G microwaves on human health have not been fully understood. They firmly believe that the further expansion of the technology should be halted immediately due to lack of comprehensive investigations of the potential risks to human health and the environment.

Conclusively, the 5G Appeal tells that their experience handling with EU officials and the Governments of the Nordic countries suggests that the majority of decision makers are scientifically uninformed on health risks from RF radiation. They further mention that the EU officials seem to be uninterested to being informed by scientists representing the majority of the scientific community about the increasing evidence or even proof of harmful health effects of 5G technology.

Read the full rebuttal here.

5G in the news

A number of actions have been taken by EU countries since the appeal. For example, this year alone, we learned that the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) are almost certainly in conclusion that there are insufficient studies on the health effects and risks of 5G technology to date. See the report here (French).

Additionally, Slovenia halted its adoption of broadband technology such as 5G due to uninvestigated health risks that come with it. See the report here.

And most recently, in a letter by European Parliament, the European Commission itself has admitted that they have not yet conducted studies on the potential health risks of the 5G technology. Read the letter here.

See all the latest news articles here.

Why is 5G roll-out happening anyway?

[gard align=’right’]In this case, it would seem that business and money is more important than health with regards to 5G in the last couple of months. Ignorance on part of the EU seems to be acceptable while businesses are so focused on commercial and informational growth that the health of the general public seems to be becoming more irrelevant. On the contrary, when it comes to COVID-19, the opposite would seem to be the truth.

And it’s not like we need 5G, but without it, major corporations will be unable to fulfill their objectives. Now what would those objectives be you might wonder? The Internet of Things (IoT)? Do we really need that? Do you think it’s acceptable for companies to know what kind of coffee you are using in your coffee machine the moment you decide to make coffee or the settings you are using? Or do you think its acceptable for business to know what you have in your fridge or where you are in your home? Do we really need everyone going to work in self driving cars? Concerning right? It’s no wonder towers holding 5G technology are going up in flames.

And how about a public referendum to first find out if the people want 5G technology to be implemented in their city? Or is the people’s opinion irrelevant in this day and age? Perhaps it’s time we stood up for our rights and stop allowing over-inflated multinational corporations decide our fate or we might end up with something like this:

An artists perception of a worst case scenario. Mobile 5G, wind turbines, chemical trails, deforestation, climate change, CO2, new world order, environmental destruction. Image credit: pxFuel

We would appreciate your comments below to start a discussion on this topic.

Michael Darmanin
Michael Darmanin
Michael is founder and managing editor of Utrecht Central. He graduated in Communications and Media at the Hogeschool Utrecht in the summer of 2012. He specializes in Web Development, Content Management and Online Marketing. Interested in co-operation? We are open to all kinds of suggestions. Contact us!


  1. So as we near the Corona chaos… atleast try n flatten the curve, 5G is waiting in line to be the next big bad?

  2. Isn’t it also strange that they chose this pandemic period to install all the satellites while we are inside. Secondly, why no independent research about the consequences of 5g before they roll it out. Thirdly, why install most of them in hospitals and schools. I also noticed its bigger than we thought with all new phones carrying the 5g capacities already. The worst case is that they’ve censored most news that carry the news as fake news. We need to wake up and start asking questions and not rely on the media because they own that as well. I also was unaware a 5g satellite was installed above my rental property last year by T-Mobile all with the help of the government.

    • 5G has nothing to do with satellites, what are you rambling about?

      > unaware a 5g satellite was installed above my

      You think someone installed a satellite in orbit “above your house”?

  3. Please delete this article. We don’t need any more fear mongering based on whatever “proof” Facebook moms are trying to feed you. 5G belongs to non-ionising radiation, which in turn means that up until 725000 GHz, it won’t pose a significant threat to our health. Please stop spreading fake news and misinformation.

    • Yeah, what a trash article. I particularly enjoyed the graphic with DANGER randomly added around microwaves.

      Microwaves, those scary electromagnetic waves at 2.4Ghz (aka WiFi) that we’ve been exposed to for 20 years with no ill effects.

  4. We appreciate your comments both positive and negative. Please note that we are not a universal research agency so we do not intend to extend or revise the contents of this article. We spread news be it good or bad. As for this article, the contents within are based on the findings as undertaken by the 5G Appeal. I do not think such an organisation would have the time to waste to set up such an appeal. We could at least take the time to consider the message they are trying to get across instead of lashing out. Utrecht Central is not pro fake news. We are all free to air our opinion, especially in the West. Let’s keep discussion friendly and try to form a smarter opinion on the issue through open discussion.

  5. Michael Darmanin, thank you for posting this article. I think it is a very good thing to be investigative and critical as to 5G, and radiation in general. 5G is more than just “more radiation”, it is also a form of very advanced artificial intelligence which disorients and kills our animals and our natural environment. We are going way out of balance with artificial technology, without even taking into account what this is doing to our health and environment. Meanwhile we wonder why we are getting more and more chronically ill… The Netherlands has a high percentage of chronic illnesses and we are the only country where the limits of maximum radiation are more than 60 times higher than the established European health limits. But no one sees the elephant in the room… and we’re all so attached to and dependent on our digital devices, apps, online shopping… if Utrecht really wants to be sustainable, then it’s only logical to take into account our digital footprint and its ecological consequences.

  6. I think all normal people here would agree that more, accurate information is better than not. Paradoxically, reassurances that deny this reality have caused far more suspicion and now I feel more motivated to look into it myself.


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