Utrecht’s locally brewed bubbly-fruit wine

Luis and Lennart posing in the vicinity of their Utrecht based wine brewery Bruis & Ketel. Photo credit and copyright: Bruis & Ketel.
Luis and Lennart posing in the vicinity of their Utrecht based wine brewery Bruis & Ketel. Photo credit and copyright: Bruis & Ketel.

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Most businesses adapted to the landscape changes imposed by the corona crisis. While some companies could leverage huge amounts of capital to their aid, others had to be more creative. In this article we will explore an emerging winery in Utrecht.

Designed in the spirit of celebration

Luis Nils Hallström and Lennart Matthijs Stokmans are two young entrepreneurs with a passion for brewing. By combining knowledge in biology and experience in artisanal brewing, they founded Bruis & Ketel. While paying their winery a visit, I learned about the story behind the bubbly wine. “It’s celebration,” Luis told me. When looking to share an achievement or event with your loved ones there is nothing more satisfying than popping the cap off a nice drink. Paired with the fruity flavors, their wines are the perfect choice for festivities big or small!

Artisanal Fruit Grinding. Photo credit and copyright: Bruis & Ketel.

Fantastic flavors and where to find them

Complementing each other by blending science (Luis) and creative power (Lennart), they found a gap in the market and filled it. The magical results are two established flavors of wine and a third one on its way. The first tempting flavor is a mix of ginger, lemon and a hint of cloves. The second one is based on rose water, pomegranate, and red pepper. If you are curious about the taste of their third potion, you need to wait a bit. But you can check their website to see when it’s out!

Bruis & Ketel’s Fruit Press. Photo credit and copyright: Bruis & Ketel.

Speaking of which, there are multiple ways in which you can try their bubbly fruit wine. You can check their website and the Bilstraat Wijn & Whisky store. Or if you would like to get a closer, more personal taste, you can join one of their Friday afternoon open house events from 16:00 to 18:00. They are situated around the corner from the Wilhelminapark: Willem de Zwijgerstraat 8, 5383 HC Utrecht. See map below for exact location.

Bearing fruit despite corona weeds

Thankfully the pandemic did not severely deter the young entrepreneurs’ plans. Their products sold just as well during these turbulent times as before, testifying to the product’s uniqueness and quality. Furthermore, in September Bruis & Ketel will be present at the Markt om de Hoek at the Oosterspoorbaan. As for the future, Luis and Lennart are looking to grow their business, first through a crowdfunding. They want to scale up their production and share their passion for wine and love for celebration with more and more people.

So here is an inspiring story to give us hope for a near future where we could meet again with all our loved ones and rejoice and celebrate together, with some bubbly fruit wine!

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