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In a remarkable display of one-upmanship, Utrechts Hoog Catharijne has turned the shopping tables on Amsterdam by picking up shoppers from Pieter Cornelis Hooftstraat and bringing them here. As Utrecht shopping centre is open six days a week until 8 pm it offers the chance for Amsterdammers who suffer from the state of early closing times to come to the centre of the shopping world that is Utrecht.

Last Friday evening, many disappointed Amsterdammers were pleasantly surprised at the Pieter Cornelis Hooftstraat when a free limousine ride appeared to transport them to the renovated Hoog Catharijne.

It’s a well-known fact that from 6pm they could no longer go shopping in that Amsterdam street, and so this allowed them to continue their shopping evening in the Utrecht shopping centre.

Hoog Catharijne is open every day and has six shopping evenings until 8pm. That is two hours longer than most shopping areas in the Netherlands. In this way, shoppers are provided with an unprecedented shopping convenience that they cannot experience anywhere else in the Netherlands.

Because of the early closing at Pieter Cornelis Hooftstraat this was an excellent opportunity for the Hoog Catharijne shopping centre to tempt Amsterdammers for an evening of shopping in Utrecht and they were transported to Utrecht in style in order to continue shopping at ease. Afterwards, a delicious dinner was enjoyed in one of the many trendy eateries of Utrecht.

This will continue as Hoog Catharijne opens its doors to visitors for six late evenings a week until 8pm. This Utrecht shopping mall is the first in the Netherlands with these opening hours. And of course, that fits perfectly into today’s busy lifestyle. Shopping until 8 pm offers the opportunity to, for example, dive into the shops after a hectic working day.

This also offers the perfect solution for many Utrechters and day-trippers to take advantage with a view to the upcoming holidays. The pleasant shopping experience is enhanced by the varied range of quality catering in the same area.

For Hoog Catharijne it’s a win win situation. For Utrecht it brings more visitors and for Amsterdam it shows what a go ahead city Utrecht is and shows them what they are missing out on!



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Jon Wilkins

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