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Utrecht-based startup Solease secures €2M crowdfunding:

As energy will be one of the most expensive resources in the coming years, the demand for solar panels is growing. However, installation of solar panels are expansive, and not all homeowners can afford it.

This is where Solease, a Dutch solar startup comes into the play.

Founded in 2011 by Pierre Vermeulen and Roderick van Wisselingh, Solease leases solar panels to anyone with a private rooftop for a monthly fee, relatively lower than their electricity bill.

Recently, Solease secured funding of €2 million through a crowdfunding platform.

Here are some interesting facts about this Utrecht start up company:

Solease Secured €2 million in six hours

This is the fourth project that Solease have initiated on a  crowdfunding platform. incredibly the first million was secured in just eight minutes, and the startup took only six hours to raise €2 million. The company aims to use this funding to rent solar panels to 450 homes.

Back in 2017, the startup raised €1 million in just seven hours. In June this year, it raised €1 million in under thirty minutes.

Solease focuses on renting and not selling

Solease believe that a sustainable economy can be achieved only by renting out the products and services and not by selling them. The startup rents the panels at a relatively lesser price than the current electricity bills thereby letting users reduce their energy costs.

Soleae have a growing impact

Solease has provided over a thousand households with solar panels which has generated 3.5 million kWh of renewable energy each year. Eventually, the startup hopes to save over 2 million kg of carbon dioxide per year, which is said to be equivalent to the annual intake of almost one hundred trees. This positive impact is consistently growing with new customers taking the iniaitive to save money on their energy bills. The company thinks that over half a million Dutch households will soon rely on solar energy.

For solar panel rental you need

A private rooftop! However, there are some prerequisites. Customers need to have a roof check before they can go ahead with an order for the most effective placement of the solar panels. They will then be told the expected energy saving and the rental fee. Once they have agreed to the quote, the solar panels will be installed.

Solease provides an all-round service

Solease provides solar panel rental with a fixed monthly fee. This fee covers the cost of financing, insurance and repair after purchase and installation. It thus allows the customer to get guaranteed renewable energy from their rooftop for a lower cost than from conventional energy suppliers.

Regarding its funding rounds, co-founder Roderick van Wisselingh said, that their project remained exciting and that it was good to see that private investors had taken so much interest in sustainable projects. Due to their crowdfunding success they can help more people to participate in the energy transition.

Talking about their future plans, Pierre Vermeulen, CEO and founder of Solease said, that over half a million Dutch households had moved onto solar energy., but that was just a drop in the ocean compared to what was possible. He felt that they had to be realistic, but with over six million flat residential roofs they needed to take action to promote the company and to promote solar energy.

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