Soil expert from Utrecht sells 300 containers of sand to Qatari sheikhs

The Utrecht-based entrepreneur, Ben Agterberg, has successfully sold three hundred sand-filled containers to sheikhs in the desert country of Qatar.

Mr. Agterberg specializes in the merchandising of earthly matter; especially the kind used on equestrian tracks containing a mixture of quality sand, geo-textile and fibers.

The entrepreneur has been in the trade for decades and is often abroad closing deals with the best known names in the business.

It is the first time he has made such a deal involving sand; one of the most common elements local to the Middle East. It was just a few weeks ago when he received a phone call from one of the Qatari locals.

When Ben arrived to the tracks in Qatar, he immediately inspected the bottom sand layer and noticed its poor quality. He insisted they buy the sand from me in the Netherlands to ensure its rich quality. They agreed.”

It is now believed that a total of six thousand cubic meters of sand will be shipped by Ben by the end of January 2015.

Aside from that, Ben has achieved himself a real deal that should keep him busy for a while considering he now also has an arranged agreement to continue delivering and actively maintaining the finest equestrian grounds made from actual Dutch soil.

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