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Alderman Everhardt, an alderman of the Utrecht Municipality, has confirmed in a letter, that the municipality is not prepared to pay for the relocation of Broese to the former post office building at the Neude.

Everhardt confirmed in the memo that the municipality does not foresee any return on investment following the fifty percent financing of the relocation which Broese has requested. The valuations were carried out by certified accountants on behalf of the municipality.

He closed his conclusion by recommending Broese to find other creative and constructive ways to proceed with the relocation.

The old post office at the Neude, with it’s alien-like interior, is a building of significance to the city of Utrecht. It was confirmed back in 2014 that the building, which had been vacated by the Dutch postal service since 2011, could become a library in the future. Instead, if Broese finds a way to close a deal, it will become a commercial book shop, for that is what Broese is at the end of the day.

Main photo credit: By Japiot [GFDL or CC BY 3.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

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