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Changing your contact lenses daily for a new pair is hygienic and good for your eyes. However, the increasing popularity of daily disposables also has a downside. A large part of the 70 million lenses sold annually in the Netherlands and their blister pack ends up with unseparated household waste. Moreover, the lenses themselves often disappear directly into the sewer. With the Recycling Lens Program, Van den Bergh Optiek wants to ensure, together with Bausch + Lomb, that Biotrue ONEday contact lenses, including blister and foil, are fully recycled.

Van den Bergh Optiek has an eye for the environment and is therefore happy to participate in the Bausch + Lomb Recycling Program. Every Biotrue ONEday contact lens wearer can return the used lenses and their blister pack including foil for recycling. Van den Bergh Optiek then sends the collected material to Bausch + Lomb. There the materials are separated and the plastic is delivered to a processing company. Raw materials for new sustainable products are made from the collected material. The aluminum foil goes back to the producer who makes it new foil again.

Collection box
When collecting a new stock of Biotrue ONEday daily disposables, the customer receives a free cardboard collection box. In it he collects the lenses, blister and foil. When the box is full, he returns it to his optician, who has a special container for this in the store. He then receives a new collection box. The cardboard from each box is also separated and offered for recycling. Biotrue ONEday day lens wearers who do not yet have a box can pick it up for free at a connected optic.

Recycling fits with Biotrue
The Biotrue ONEday contact lens is made of HyperGel, which contains just as much moisture as the eye itself and allows extra oxygen through. Its development is based on the natural functioning of the eye. After wearing for 16 hours, the daily lens still contains 98% of the moisture. That way you enjoy perfect viewing comfort all day long. Moreover, the Biotrue ONEday contact lens is now fully recyclable. The Recyclens Program therefore fits in seamlessly with this. By choosing Biotrue ONEday daily disposables you contribute to a better world. That makes wearing daily lenses responsible in every area.

Official collection point Recyclens Program:
Van den Bergh Optics
Biltstraat 80
3572 BH Utrecht

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