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Galgenwaard stadium turns red for charity

Last updated 6 months ago by Michael Darmanin

[gard align=”right”]HORNBACHhelpt together with FC Utrecht supporters came together at the Bunnik-side of Stadion Galgenwaard on the 9th of July, to paint the stadium red with the help of volunteers. The stadium, home to FC Utrecht, was established in the year 1930 and seats 23,750. Bunnik-side, is the most well-known of the four grandstands of the stadium. On the 20th of July, during the opening day of FC Utrecht, the bright red Bunnik-side was revealed amidst a big party.

It took a thousand litres of paint, materials and a team of volunteers to fulfil this long-standing wish of the supporters. As a way to give back to the society it was the wish of HORNBACHhelpt and FC Utrecht to gather donations equivalent to the cost of the paint. “That is why we have set up a donation campaign to compensate for the value of the red paint and to promote it to a good cause. In consultation with the supporters, we decided to support homeless people in Utrecht and donate as much sheltersuits as possible from the money”, says Kevin Lagas, branch manager of Hornbach Nieuwegein.

Maarten Post, a volunteer for HORNBACHhelpt: “Building society together. That is what HORNBACHhelpt stands for. This promotion is a great example of this. We contribute to the metamorphosis of the Bunnik-side and at the same time can mean something for the city and its inhabitants.”

Report for Hornbach Helpt, painting the stands in the Galgenwaard stadium of FC Utrecht. Photographer Leander Varekamp

Joost Broerse, Director of Commerce FC Utrecht said on the 9th of July: “It’s a big but also a nice job. You don’t paint a stadium just like that. Removing chairs, masking, applying a layer of primer, allowing to dry, masking and dyeing. We’ve been working on it for more than four weeks. You are completely sweaty and the result is visible quickly Certainly if you are with a large team, the result is already fantastic The Bunnik-side is going to be red from top to bottom We are almost ready for the new football season and on July 20, during the open day, we can see this red wall with Many thanks to the many supporters and volunteers who helped us in their free time, during the day and in the evening hours!”

From the proceeds of the donations (already exceeding €5,000 on 9th of July), sheltersuits, which are water and wind proof jackets which transform into sleeping bags when needed, were bought for the homeless of Utrecht. A total of 17 sheltersuits were bought from the donations.

City Recovery team, which is responsible for taking care of all the needs of the homeless people of Utrecht is grateful for the help received by this activity. Lotte Wienen: “The sheltersuits are very desirable. The fact that FC Utrecht, the supporters of the club and its building partner Hornbach are committed to raising money for the purchase of sheltersuits means the world for us and our people, who can be outside in a dry and warm way.”

Hansje, a gentleman who is accompanied by City Team Recovery, received the first sheltersuit: “This means a lot to the people of Utrecht who live on the street. You help ensure that they can lie comfortably and warmly. And that is of vital importance to them. We are very grateful to FC Utrecht, supporters and HORNBACH for their commitment to such a good cause from the heart! “

HORNBACH, which is an independent, international chain of project construction markets with garden centers, established HORNBACHhelpt was established in 2017 as a way to better participate in charities and social projects. HORNBACHhelpt in a non-profit foundation with an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) status. To know more about the foundation, click here: https://hornbachhelpt.nl/

Sheltersuit is the recipient of the German Design Award, 2018. It also is a public benefit organization and has ANBI status. To know more or to donate, click here: https://sheltersuit.com/en/

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Yosha Pharshy
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